Exalls Attacks #3


Their mission is to save the world. But will they be able to save themselves?

Life has spiraled out of control for Kyle Wells. Left with minimal means for survival, Kyle must band together with his squad as they sweep the country for any signs of life.

Upon returning to the outside world, they discover abyss. Hope and ambition quickly diminish as a disturbing reality settles in—they are all alone.

Despite the prior catastrophic mission of cleansing the evil plaguing the land, the Crew find themselves once again facing their enemies for the soul of the future. Outnumbered and outsmarted, Kyle and his team must resort to desperate tactics if they want to survive.

Followed Away is the third and final book in the Exalls Attacks series. If you enjoy alien horror, shocking twists, and gripping suspense, then you’ll love this twisted novel from international bestselling author Andre Gonzalez!

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