Exalls Attacks #2


The Exalls are back. And they’re thirsty for revenge.

Kyle Wells has spent the last four years piecing together his shattered life. After a meeting with the Pentagon, he agrees to fight the beings who have taken everything from him.

Leaving behind the only life he’s known, Kyle relocates across the country to embark on his new journey. Once in the nation’s capital, he learns an entire world has been kept classified for decades. More importantly, he discovers his grandmother’s true role in the organization known as The Crew.
When random attacks begin sprouting around the country, a familiar disturbing pattern emerges. As the tragedies gradually inch closer toward the Pentagon, Kyle finds himself thrust into battle against his lethal enemies.

With the ultimate showdown looming, he tumbles across a chilling revelation hidden in the depths of his father’s home. Will this discovery be the key to saving his life—and the country—as we know it?

Followed East is the second book in the Exalls Attacks series. If you enjoy alien horror, shocking twists, and gripping suspense, then you’ll love this twisted novel from international bestselling author Andre Gonzalez!

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