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Wealth of Time Series #4


Fear. Power. Destiny.

Martin’s life is once again in shambles. Distressed, he seizes an opportunity to get out of town to clear his mind. Little does he know his vacation will be short lived and soon finds himself on the run, realizing nowhere in the world is safe.

Meanwhile, Chris brews further chaos, inching closer toward a dramatic finish in the war. With an end in sight, he reflects on his past which led to this particular moment in time. Collaborating with an unlikely companion, Chris scores a deal that just might lead to the knockout punch he’s craved for so long.

With the Road Runners in disarray, Martin is forced into a critical decision–one that puts his life at risk, yet is necessary to save not only the organization, but the entire world. Only time will tell if this choice will preserve the millions of lives at stake.

Keeper of Time is the fourth novel in the Wealth of Time Series. If you enjoy fast-paced thrillers, twists and turns, and a cunning villain, then you’ll love this high-octane series from international bestselling author Andre Gonzalez!