Staycation Book 2


New game. New rules. Just stay alive…

When the last of the bodies were cleared from the house on St. Augustine Place, everyone thought the game was over.

They were wrong.

Now, a deadly virus forces everyone into a nationwide lockdown. What better way to pass the time than by playing a game?

This time the game is bigger. Deadlier.

Two teens, a seasoned detective, and an assortment of other players find themselves on a collision course with an unspeakable evil.

Who brought these strangers together? What is the purpose behind this new, sinister game?

As the mystery unfolds, death awaits at every turn and long-buried secrets are exhumed while the players inch closer to a terrifying truth.

Is death the only way out of this Lockdown?

Prepare for the unexpected in this genre bending, nightmare fueled, Staycation sequel that will keep you guessing until the end. Are you ready to play?