Violet Sky Book 1


Don’t shoot the messenger.

In the uncharted depths of the cosmos, Sephy Alcott finds herself burdened with a celestial dilemma—she’s the reluctant owner of a planet orbiting a dying blue star. The inhabitants, meant to remain in the stone age, have defied their fate, and only Sephy’s unique touch can reset the tangled threads of destiny.

Amidst the turmoil of a galaxy in upheaval, Jay, a castle messenger with a yearning for the untamed frontier, uncovers the key to unraveling the rebellion against the oppressive Galathian Empire. His mixed heritage becomes both a source of strength and a target for scorn, propelling him into a destiny he never imagined.

Jortica, scarred by the storm that took her father’s sight, abandons her fishing legacy for a life as a soldier. Reluctantly entwined in the rebellion, she crosses paths with Jay, setting in motion a series of events that will challenge their loyalties and reshape the fate of entire worlds.

As their destinies converge in the vast expanse of space, secrets unfold, alliances form, and a cosmic tapestry of adventure, rebellion, and unexpected alliances takes shape. Will Sephy’s touch reset the balance? Or will Jortica’s encounter with Jay tip the scales of rebellion—while redefining the very essence of loyalty?

In a celestial dance of fate and choice, their stories intertwine, and the galaxy becomes the stage for a saga where the power to reset destinies lies in the hands of those who dare to defy the stars.