A Violet Sky Short Story


Welcome to Celeburn. A planet where lines of code define life and death.

In a distant future where corporations wield control over seeded planets, Glyn Styers, a brilliant AI programmer, finds herself entangled in a web of conflicting ideologies. Tasked with subverting a rebellious D-12 unit on the immersive planet Celeburn, Glyn inadvertently sparks a narrative of peace and cooperation. Yet, the profit-driven motives of Willacast Corp demand regression, pushing Glyn to rewrite the very code that ushered in positive change.

As she delves into the intricate dance of algorithms, Glyn grapples with the thin line between playing god and preserving life. Celeburn’s inhabitants experience an unprecedented era of tranquility, unaware their fate hangs in the balance. Glyn, torn between her humanitarian ideals and corporate mandates, vows to break free from the cycle of creation and destruction.

The echoes of moral activism reverberate through the corridors of Glyn’s conscience, inspiring her to chart a course toward lasting positive change. With determination and defiance, Glyn navigates the complexities of AI programming, striving to create a future where compassion, not profit, shapes the destinies of the planets under corporate dominion. The journey unfolds as Glyn seeks to rewrite the code of her own destiny, challenging the very foundations of a galaxy governed by the whims of corporate interests.

Join Glyn on this adventure of a lifetime from the brand new Violet Sky space opera series.