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Death is the only way out.

By the time Dad arrives home, it’s too late. Nobody may leave the house during the family Staycation.

Even after the first dead body.

Then comes the knocking from the front door.

What do they want? And what are the sounds—and smells—coming from the off-limits basement?

As the game continues beyond the originally planned weekend, Mom realizes the terror has only just begun.

If they’re going to make it out alive, everyone will have to fight to the death.

Check-in to this pulse-pounding house of horrors and read Staycation today! Will you survive your stay?

Some legends should stay buried.

Amelia Doss is a name whispered in Ridgeway, part of a bloody history that residents would rather forget. For Tyler Reynolds and his friends, tempting fate with a ritual to release Amelia’s unquiet spirit is just a game to pass the time. That is – until the murders start all over again.

For Tyler, it’s the beginning of a series of horrors, prompting him to question his belief in an afterlife, unearthing a subtle link between himself and the unspeakable evil that stalks the town. With the clock ticking, can Tyler figure out the connection before time runs out, or will he become the next victim?

They were warned. They ran. They were followed.

When Kyle Wells and his friends take a routine trip to the Rocky Mountains, they have no idea the hell waiting for them. After a terrifying encounter in the woods, they flee home to safety.

Once in the city, the mystery unravels, revealing a disturbing, decades-old truth kept secret by Kyle’s family. Further chaos erupts, leaving the group to run for their lives. Their last hope for survival lies within the family secret.

After an innocent gathering turns bloody, they escape yet again to find themselves face to face with the suspicious beings chasing them. They turn to an unlikely source for help, leading to an epic clash between the forces of good and evil.

Nothing can match the horrors found within the human mind.

Jeremy Heston’s future was once bright with possibility. As a psychology major at a prestigious university, he was planning for a future full of promise and love. Until a series of unfortunate circumstances plunge him into a downward spiral.

In that moment of emotional vulnerability, his professor convinces him to undertake an intensive study into the depths of mental illness. There, in the midst of his dark research, demented thoughts begin to twist Jeremy’s mind.

He can feel his control slipping—the life he once knew crumbling around him—yet fears he’s come too far to give up on his potentially lethal experiment. Can Jeremy find the answers he seeks in time to save the ill? Or will the only legacy he leaves be that of a mad man?

How much would you sacrifice to learn the truth?

Martin Briar drags himself through life. The 54 year old has lost the will to live since the disappearance of his 12-year-old daughter two decades ago.

Unable to pull the trigger on himself, again, he later encounters a time-traveling antique dealer who offers him the chance to find out what happened to his only child. Martin wants nothing more than to answer the questions that have haunted his every waking moment all these years.

This once in a lifetime opportunity proves irresistible, but is Martin prepared for the answer — and the cost of discovering the truth?

Playing with the past is deadly.

As the most dangerous assassin for a secret organization, Arielle Lucila doesn’t play games. Her kills include the scum of humanity: drug lords, murderers, traffickers. Her next mission of preventing a murder presents problems she’s never faced before–ones that will test her limits.

As Arielle and her dedicated team strategize an easy resolution, they find their target is not who they were led to believe. Then again, neither is anyone in this deadly game of pursuit.

Under pressure to complete the mission, they must plunge into a darker underworld of crime than originally planned.

With the clock ticking, will Arielle be too late to save an innocent life–and uncover the truth?