About M4L Publishing

M4L Publishing is an independent publishing house with a passion for entertainment.  Through our stories we want to capture the reader and take them into a different world. We strive for our readers to build relationships with our characters to experience fright, love, suspense, and leave them wanting more.

We are always looking for new authors to join the M4L family. We want to help support and grow authors who have a vision for their future through books. We dedicate time to help our writers succeed, sell books, and pursue their writing careers by crafting excellent books and connecting with the vast audiences who fall in love with their work.


About Andre

Publisher | Co-Founder

Andre Gonzalez is a passionate author who began writing his first novel in 2014. He found that expressing himself through his words, he can reach thousands of others and finds joy knowing others can jump into these other worlds of his. Andre is a die-hard baseball fan who has always loved the Seattle Mariners. He enjoys spending time with his family and making every day count!


About Natasha

Acquisitions Editor | Co-founder

Natasha Gonzalez loves engulfing herself in a fantastic can’t-put-down book! Having a way with words herself, she understands and has an eye for talent. Natasha is hardworking but always puts the love for her family first. She spends time with her family camping, travelling, at sporting events and making memories!