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Meet Our Authors

Audrey Brice photo

Audrey Brice

Audrey Brice writes award-winning dark fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, supernatural horror, dark romances, and mystery novels. She is also known for her light, cozy-mystery mini series, Wicked Ways. The multi-award nominated an award winning Thirteen Covens, is ongoing. Much of her work includes witches, magicians, and other occultists as the main characters.

Audrey Brice also writes under three additional pen names including Anne O’Connell, S. J. Reisner, and S. Connolly.


Andre Gonzalez

Andre Gonzalez is a passionate International Best Selling author who began writing his first novel in 2014. He found that expressing himself through his words, he can reach thousands of others and finds joy knowing others can jump into these other worlds of his.

Andre is a die-hard baseball fan who has always loved the Seattle Mariners. He enjoys spending time with his family and making every day count!

Collin Irish

Collin Irish

Collin Irish is an engineer-storyteller. Both halves of his brain get a workout each day. With over twenty-eight years of experience as a mechanical engineer he can believably explore the breadth of science fiction from pre-industrial to fantastical technology. He volunteers as a storyteller for youth mentoring groups using mythological imagery for emotional development. He lives in Lakewood, CO, where his wife and two children claim the third half of his brain, and his whole heart.

Messenger is Collin’s debut novel, which is the first of the Violet Sky series.

Natasha pic 2024

Natasha Gonzalez

Natasha Gonzalez is a fun spirited author who recently launched her first children’s book. After having kids, they inspired her to start writing stories for other families. She writes in a simple, fun and relatable style that keeps children hooked while learning vital lessons.

Natasha is a forever Disney fan who can sing almost any Disney song by heart. She absolutely loves travelling with her family and making lasting memories.

OG HAZE - logo

OG Haze

In a marijuana field just outside of Denver, CO, between the strains of OG Kush and Purple Haze, a baby was born and given the name OG Haze. Having grown up with his family owning several weed fields, OG became educated quickly on all things cannabis.

Today, OG Haze lives in a loft downtown with his sick-ass girlfriend and loyal pup, GiGi. They enjoy smoking different strains and experimenting with different activities to have dope experiences.

Mixing together his passion of cannabis science and his creative mind, OG Haze brings to you a new and exciting way to smoke, chill, and read.

RJ Clark

RJ Clark

RJ CLARK began his career as a child actor. His was the face of the national US Army “Stay in School” ad campaign. RJ also appeared regularly on daytime television and worked on numerous film and commercial projects before inevitably returning to his first true love, writing.

As a screenwriter, RJ’s screenplays won first prize or placed in the top 5 of nearly every major national—and international—competition worth mentioning. His novella, Two for One launched the indie literary magazine “The Instagatorzine,” broken into two parts across the magazine’s first two issues.

A native New Yorker, RJ attended NYU, holds a BFA and an MFA. He has lived in all five boroughs, but now calls historic Asbury Park, NJ home with his wife and dog, an Aussillon named Venus.

While RJ no longer works in the theatre as an actor, he provides accessibility services for deaf patrons at live performances throughout the country. He is passionate about theatre being for all, and enjoys being able to introduce new shows to deaf or hard of hearing patrons.

When not writing, you’re most likely to find RJ either playing guitar along the Jersey Shore, taking photographs of cool dogs and musicians around Asbury Park, voraciously reading new books, working on new music, or traveling the world.

A few of RJ’s most favorite things include black coffee, chocolate, Stephen King, peanut butter, Pringle’s, Truman Capote, tabletop games, the Universal Studios Monsters, horror movies, and David Tennant.

STAYCATION is RJ’s debut novel.