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Blue Dream

One hit could change your whole life.

Four close friends are stuck in the same daily routine like any other late twenty-year-old. These BFF’s of almost twelve years now prefer to come home, relax, and smoke weed together after a long day at work.

Adam Cooper, the marijuana expert and dispensary manager, has an encounter with a strange Mongolian man, Jegu, who speaks of magical soil. Jegu insists Adam take a sample strain grown especially for him: Blue Dream.

When his roommates begin to whine about the rut of their day, Adam decides to bust out the mysterious ganja. Without hesitation, Daniella, Derrick and Andrew join him in passing a joint around, their group ritual of getting stoned together.

Little do they know what type of adventure one hit of this magical strain will take them on!

Load your bowls, roll your joints, pop your gummies. Whatever your preference, let the good times roll and start the Cannabis Chronicles today!


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